Nothing In Particular

It’s a surprisingly warm day today. Not too hot though. It rained the past few days so the ground is still spongy, perfect for walking barefoot.

I wish I didn’t have such a hard time coming up with things to write. Maybe, if I can get through a couple of months forcing myself to write regularly, it will start to get easier to come up with ideas. I’d like to write more poetry. That’s something I’ve kept up on a little more, but a lot of times, recently, I find myself writing poems for songs more than writing poems for themselves. If that makes sense.

For some reason writing poetry, just for the sake of writing poetry, is important to me. Maybe because when I’m writing a poem, thinking it will be a song, I end up being lazy with my rhymes? I figure the melody will sort of cover up the sloppiness. I think that’s it at least. I want to write poetry that can stand alone and feel cohesive without needing a melody to hold it together. I’d love to be a poet and a songwriter, but I don’t want to sacrifice my poetry in order to write lyrics, if that makes sense. I’d like to do both. And do them both well. So I need to make sure I’m still practicing writing solid poems. I guess there isn’t always a fine line between poems and lyrics, but they are two different things. I think focusing on good poetry would improve my lyrics, whereas focusing only on lyrics wouldn’t necessarily improve my poems so much.

So there you go. A short ramble.

If you hadn’t noticed I still don’t have any good ideas for what to write on the blog.

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